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About Missoline

Missoline is a conglomerate developing and managing strategic assets in sectors including but not limited to : Retail, Education, Hospitality, Religion and Transportation. Missoline is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bonita Foundation. Missoline is the technology group of the Bonita Ecosystem, as such most of the technologies and solutions created by Missoline are designed to support the business needs of affiliates of the Bonita Foundation. However, while Missoline mainly services internal clients of the Bonita Ecosystem, innovative technologies that would be valuable to external partners and third parties are often spun off as independent businesses. The success of Missoline lies on a solid foundation of thought leadership, technological sophistication and out-of-the-box thinking. We strive to make the complexity inherent to ambitious business systems transparent so that our clients can focus on value added. Some of our businesses are listed below.

Missoline Real Markets Company

The Missoline Real Markets Company enables shopping centers and supermarkets to turn their real estate into a real service platform powered by digital. The mission of the Missoline Real Markets Company is to connect commercial real estate owners to digital growth. From enabling new revenue streams having proven fundamentals to rethinking the real retail experience, the Missoline Real Markets platform can be as transparent or as disruptive as businesses need it to enable both progressive transformations for businesses satisfied by their current fundamentals but looking to position themselves for future growth, and radical turnarounds for businesses needing to deliver growth urgently.

Missoline Healthcare

Missoline Healthcare provides comprehensive solutions allowing a wide arrange of actors of the health industry to manage every aspect of their business operations using a modern software platform. Missoline Healthcare provides both Technology Services and Operations Management Services. On the technology side, Missoline Healthcare provides solutions to health insurance providers, hospitals and community pharmacies by putting an emphasis on modernity, employee productivity, and the ability to seamlessly interconnect systems both within the Missoline Healthcare Platform, and with the ones of external parties at a time where collaboration and real-time communications have become critical to providing safe and high quality patient care.

Missoline Energy

Missoline Energy develops innovative energy solutions with a particular focus on providing power solutions to off-grid commercial and industrial sites, and to a limited extent residential sites. Missoline Energy areas of interest are solar power and combustion-based solutions using alternatives to oil and coal. Missoline Energy is also actively researching the wireless distribution of energy over long distances and has been a pioneer in this field.

Missoline Transportation

Missoline Transportation provides small and medium freight companies a comprehensive platform enabling them to manage every aspect of their operations in a modern manner. Beyond its unique features enabling freight companies to streamline their operations, optimize their revenue strategy, and keep track on the realization of their financial targets from the same comprehensive platform, the Missoline Transportation Platform is interconnected with a vast ecosystem of affiliates and partners which enables transportation companies to have access to the products and services they need when they need them in one click using the same system they already use every day to manage their business. Missoline Transportation also enables large companies to strategically turn their relationship with their delivery subcontractors into an organic growth driver.

Missoline Church

Missoline Church provides solutions making it easy for churches to use the mature theories and methodologies of the business world to manage their operations, with a particular focus on customer acquisition and community engagement. The goal of Missoline Church is to turn the Church into the most sophisticated enterprise of the world. To make it possible, Missoline Church bridges the gap between spiritual operations and commercial operations in an innovative manner. At this time, Missoline Church is focused on servicing the Bonita Church and its ecosystem of churches.

Missoline Construction Company

The Missoline Construction Company is composed of a Research and Development division creating innovative tools and technologies to support the Construction division executing client construction works. In developed countries, the Missoline Construction Company's unique value proposition is its partnership-like structure providing equity in every project to its workforce mainly composed of volunteer professionals. In developing countries, Missoline Construction Company uses its proprietary catalog of collaborative tools to ensure the cost-efficiency and technological independence of its projects in these regions.

Bonita Fund

The Bonita Fund is the fundraising division of the Bonita Foundation. Through the Bonita Fund, invited accredited investors have exclusive access to the closely-held investment opportunities of the Bonita Ecosystem. These opportunities include: deeply discounted Series A opportunities with planned initial public offerings, and strategic partnership opportunities for corporate investors seeking to integrate their asset management operations with their commercial platforms in order to unleash strategic growth using the value platforms enabled by the Bonita Ecosystem - where possible and relevant. Missoline is the manager of the Bonita Fund.

Missoline Roots

Missoline Roots is the department in charge of Partners Programs throughout the conglomerate. In particular, Missoline Roots defines, drives, coordinates and manages the process that organizations go through to enter in a strategic-level business relationship with the conglomerate. The Missoline conglomerate establishes new strategic-level business relationships either through recommendation from one of our clients, or through direct outreach from the strategic partnerships team of Missoline Roots. To protect our businesses, we typically do not expose our entities directly to the public: businesses must first interact with Missoline Roots to establish the business relationship and Missolne Roots then hands over the relationship to the relevant business entity.